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Gel-like perfection on your nails is now a dream come true with Lakm Absolute Gel Stylist nail colors. Its high shine formula and gel-like consistency delivers stunning manicures with minimum effort. The new and innovative applicator glides easily onto nails in one easy swipe and can be used to create eye-catchy nail art as well. With rich and deep colors, and intense gloss finish, get DIY salon-like nails from the comfort of your home. Now choose from a range of dazzling shades! Get spoilt for choice with a plethora of pretty pastels, beautifully bold and vivaciously vibrant shades. Be it solids, metallics or shimmer, theres a texture for everyone! Recommended by Lakm Makeup Experts, get professional finish gel-like manicures every single time. How to use: Step 1: Twist cap and remove the excess product while removing the brush out. Step 2: Place on the centre part of the nail just below the cuticle and drag below. Apply from the base to the tip. Step 3: Repeat process on both sides of the centre line, leaving no empty spots on the nail. Step 4: Wait a couple of minutes and repeat the process. Ensure that the first coat is completely dry before adding another layer. 2 coats are recommended. 6 Bullet Points: - High shine formula - Glossy finish - Gel-like consistency - New and innovative applicator - 50 dazzling shades

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