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• Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long nourishes hair and makes it look two times thicker^.
• Enriched with keratin yogurt, this formula nourishes hair from the roots so it grows out and feels more bouncy^.
• For hair that bounces^ with you
• Its revolutionary conditioning technology makes your hair oh so manageable

^Based on lab test of volume with Sunsilk system vs unclean hair.
Tired of hair thinning when you try growing your hair? Thick, luscious hair gives you the freedom to try a wide range of hairstyles. Now add volume^ and bounce^ to your hair, so it looks fabulous whether you decide to leave it open or explore a hundred different styles.

Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long conditioner is now New Outside & Wow Inside. Its most joyful pink shampoo pack comes with an easy to handle grip and a wow inside than ever before.

New Sunsilk conditioners comes with revolutionary conditioning technology for oh so manageable. Its unique highly effective compact lubricating technology separates each hair strand, so hair is protected from damage caused by brushing and combing wet hair, and is easier to detangle.

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